Riopaila Castilla inaugurates the largest distillery in Colombia

The mill, not only opens a distillery; it also opens an energy cogeneration plant.

On August 27, 2015, Riopaila Castilla inaugurated its fuel alcohol distillery. The distillery has a daily production capacity of 400.000 liters and 110 million liters per year, making it the largest in the country.

On the same date, the mill also inaugurated its energy cogeneration plant. This plant has an annual capacity to generate 235 gigawatts of energy, becoming the main source of its own energy. This plant not only allows the company to be self-sufficient, it also allows it to have surplus energy to sell to third parties.

The company made an investment of US $ 74 million in the ethanol distillery and an additional US $ 59 million in the cogeneration plant. The buildings are located in the municipality of Zarzal, in the department of Valle del Cauca.

Since the end of 2005, the Mayagüez, Providencia, Incauca, Risaralda and Manuelita mills established distilleries to produce ethanol.