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In support of technical communication activities, the technical cooperation and technology transfer service (SCTT) coordinates the institutional processes for the production of informative material, edition of serial and non-serial printed publications, manuals, content and administration of the website.

Latest Entries

Foldable informative: coal in commercial lots of sugarcane
Annual report 2021.


Drip irrigation in sugarcane cultivation.
Manual of recognition of weeds in the cultivation of sugarcane.
Efficient management of irrigation in the cultivation of sugarcane in the geographical valley of the Cauca River.
Pest Insects and Charities of Sugarcane Cultivation in Colombia.
Sugarcane Variety Catalog
Principles and applications of remote perception in the cultivation of sugarcane in Colombia
Cane cultivation in the sugar zone of Colombia

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Disclosure Series.
Technical Series.

Methodological guides and teaching books

Basic concepts of the soil and its fertility ...
Use of sensors for irrigation control.
Disease recognition ...
Hydrological balance ...
Soil preparation ...
Diatraea spp. and its control ...
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Thermal efficiency of boilers ...
Irrigation with reduced flow.
Hydric balance...
Administrative control of irrigation, CAR.
Agronomic management of the crop with AEPS approach ...

Other publications

Information letter.
Comic: Use of water in the cultivation of sugar cane.
Institutional Brochure
Tribute to Juan José Lülle Suárez, Luis Fernando Londoño Capurro.
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