InCane: Bulletin No.14


A Mathematical Model to Minimize the Total Cultivation Cost of Sugarcane

Kumar, S. & Pant, M.

In: Soft Computing for Problem Solving| 2023

Operational cycle analysis of Colombian sugarcane harvest, transportation and unloading systems

Salazar, BA, Lozano Moreno, JA & Clavijo Buriticá, N.

Research Square |2023

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Biofuels from Biomass

Rost, E., Alvez de Queiroz, L. Pasquini, D.

In: Handbook of biomass | October 2023

Sustainability assessment of ethanol and biodiesel production in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala

Canabarro, NI, et al.

Renewable and sustainable energy reviews |171| 2023

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Admissibility Grid to Support the Decision for the Preferential Routing of Portuguese Endogenous Waste Biomass for the Production of Biogas, Advanced Biofuels, Electricity and Heat

Cruejira, AT, et al

Biomass | 3(6) | October 2023

Two-stage biohydrogen and methane production from sugarcane-based sugar and ethanol industrial wastes: A comprehensive review

Sukphun, P., et al

Bioresource technology|386|2023

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Coordinated Integration of Agricultural and Industrial Processes: a Case Study of Sugarcane-Derived Production

Ouchida, K., et al.

Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability|2023

Policy and action plan to increase national sugar production

Sinuraya, J.F., et al

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science| 1153| 2023

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Management of yellow leaf disease in sugarcane through micro propagation

Naidu, N.V., et al

The pharma innovation |2023

Major Insect Pests of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) Crop and Their Integrated Management Approaches

Kumar Mishra, A., et al

Just agriculture |4(3)| November 2023

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Environmental implication of the production of non-centrifugal sugar in the Colombian Andean region

Sánchez, N., et al

Research square | December 2023

Carbon footprints evaluation for sustainable food processing system development: A comprehensive review

Shabir, I., et al.

Future foods |7| 2023

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Biotic Stresses in Sugarcane Plants and Its Management

Nikpay, A., et al

In: Agro-industrial Perspectives on Sugarcane Production under Environmental Stress |2023

Correlation and path analysis in sugarcane advanced clones

Rakesh, G., et al

The pharma innovation | 12(10) | 2023

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Exergetic analysis and optimization of process variables in xylitol production: Maximizing efficiency and sustainability in biotechnological processes

Reis Silva, S., et al

Bioresource technology | 391| January 2024

Sugarcane Bagasse-Derived Carbon for Partial Replacement of Cementitious Material in Concrete

Allende, S., Taludhar, R. & Jacob, M.V.

Materials circular economy | 6(3) | 2023

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