Guillermo Ramos Nunez

Our objective is to serve as support for CENICAÑA's research, providing researchers and personnel linked to the sugar sector with the bibliographic information necessary to carry out their projects and activities.

Who are the users of the library?

  • Internal: Cenicaña staff.
  • Sugar Sector: Sugar mill staff, cane suppliers (donors to Cenicaña) and companies in the sector.
  • External: Libraries, university students through Inter-library agreements, research institutions and the community in general.

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4 January 2024

InCane: Bulletin No.14

A Mathematical Model to Minimize the Total Cultivation Cost of…

13 June, 2023

InCane: Bulletin No.13

A Soil Physical Assessment Over Three Successive Burned and Unburned…

6 March, 2023

InCane: Bulletin No.12

Chapter 6. Smart Irrigation and Cultivation Recommendation System for Precision…

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