Soil preparation for the sustainable production of sugar cane. Methodological guide

The tillage for the cultivation of sugarcane in the Cauca river valley includes three large groups of tasks, aimed at preparing the soil for planting, lifting the socas and maintaining the plantations (cultivation, hilling and fertilization). The work of preparing for the renovation of plantations is carried out in order to cut, subsoil, rake and furrow; in the lifting of socas, to subsoil. Disc harrows are used in primary and secondary tillage and vertical implements in deep tillage.

This methodological guide is dedicated to the three types of tillage; The general objective is to disseminate the basic concepts of agricultural mechanization and knowledge of the soil-implement-technology interaction, in order to carry out effective and efficient work that contributes to soil conservation and improves production levels following the postulates of The sustainability. The content is organized into three learning units, each with their respective pedagogical activities:

  • Unit 1. Let us know the physical and mechanical properties of the soil and its relationship with tillage.
  • Unit 2. Let's work with disc harrows.
  • Unit 3. Let's practice vertical tillage.

Material produced within the framework of the Apprenticeship and Technical Assistance Program, PAT.

Bibliographic citation:
Rodríguez Hurtado, LA and Valencia Montenegro, JJ 2015. Soil preparation for the sustainable production of sugarcane. Methodological guide. Cenicaña. Cali, Colombia. 164 p. (Materials for technology transfer in the sugarcane agribusiness. Agricultural production system).

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This educational booklet on SOIL PREPARATION is aimed at producers of sugar cane from Colombia and, in particular, to the farmers of the Cauca river valley who they supply the raw material to the sugar mills.

Its purpose is to contribute to the sustainable development of the sugar cane agribusiness through the dissemination of technical criteria for mechanization decision-making agricultural, from the knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of the soil and its relationship with tillage.

PAT - Apprenticeship and Technical Assistance Program