Sugarcane Agroindustry in Colombia

Technical disclosure documents

sugar cane agroindustry in colombia


Understanding the international sugar market

Campos Osorio, A. | NOV 2023 | ISBN 978-958-8449-31-9

Relevant aspects of environmental sustainability in the sugarcane production chain

Múnera Castañeda, BE; Palacios García, D.; Gil Zapata, N. | Beta*, 2023 SEPT

Economic and statistical analysis criteria for administrative decision making in the production of sugar cane and its derivatives

Posada Contreras, C.; Moreno Gil, CA; Chica Ramírez, HA | NOV 2023 | ISBN 978-958-8449-27-2


Determining factors of climate in the sugar cane producing region in the Cauca River Valley

Peña Quiñones, AJ; Valencia Arbeláez, JA | Beta*, 2023 SEPT

Surface air flow in the Cauca river valley

Preciado Vargas, M.; Peña Quintero AJ Beta*, 2023 SEPT

Analysis of climate variables in the Cauca river valley

Peña Quiñónez, AJ; Chica Ramírez, HA; Mendoza, CJ | Beta*, 2023 SEPT

Climatic zones in the Cauca River Valley

Peña Quiñónez, AJ; Chica Ramírez, HA | Beta*, 2023 SEPT

Climate and sugarcane productivity in the Cauca River Valley

Peña Quiñónez, AJ; Chica Ramírez, HA; Cortés Betancourt., E. | Beta*, 2023 SEPT


Physiology applied to sugarcane production in Colombia

Quevedo Amaya, YM; Cepeda Quevedo, AM; López Murcia, M. Á. | NOV 2023 | ISBN 978-958-8449-28-9

Transformation and genetic editing of sugar cane

López Gerena, J.; Jaimes Quiñónez, H. A. | NOV 2023 | ISBN 978-958-8449-30-2

plant health

Integrated management of sugarcane pests with emphasis on biological control

Vargas, G.; Echeverri-Rubiano, C.; Aya, VM; Ramírez, GD; Pabón, AH | SEP 2023 | ISBN 978-958-8449-26-5


Use of ripeners in sugar cane

Sandoval-Pineda, JF; Villegas Trujillo, F. | NOV 2023 | ISBN 978-958-8449-29-6

Harvesting and transportation of sugar cane

Amú Caicedo, LG; Estrada Bedón, A.; Abbey, LA; Galeano Patiño, SA; Chica Ramírez, HA; Tarapues Ipial, HB | Beta*, 2023 SEPT

* Beta Version: corresponds to the first version of the “Sugar Cane Agroindustry Collection in Colombia”. This version is considered a preliminary version (preview). Minor edits and/or errors will be corrected before the final version is published.

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