| Boletín No.1, abril 2019
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A mechatronically integrated autonomous seed material generation system for sugarcane: A crop of industrial significance

Nare, B., Tewari, V.K., Kumar Chandel, A., Prakash Kumar, S. and C.R. Chethan

Industrial Crops and Products | 128 | Feb 2019: 1-12.


A Study on the Quantity/Intensity Relationships of Potassium of Sugarcane Growing Soils, Eastern Thailand

Suttanukool, P., Darunsontaya, T. and W. Jindaluang

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis | 50(2) | 2019: 153-163.


Accounting for potassium reserves and fixation in developing sugarcane fertiliser requirements

Elephant, D.E., Miles, N. and P. Muchaonyerwa

Soil Research | 57 (1) | Jan 2019 : 66-74.


A regional approach to determine economic, environmental and social impacts of different sugarcane production systems in Brazil

Cardoso, T.F., Watanabe, M.D.B., Souza, A., Chagas, M.F., Cavalett, O., Morais, E.R., Nogueira, L.A.H., Leal, M.R.L.V., Braunbeck, O.A., Cortez, L.A.B. and A. Bonomi

Biomass and Bioenergy | 120 | Jan 2019 : 9-20


Addressing a robust decision in the sugarcane supply chain: Introduction of a new agricultural investment project in Colombia

Carvajal, J., Sarache, W. and Y. Costa

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture | 157 | Feb 2019: 77-89.


Adsorption removal of endosulfan through Saccharum officinarum derived activated carbon from selected soils

Ahmad, K.S.

Journal of Central South University | 26(1) | Jan 2019 : 146-157


Automating an image processing chain of the sentinel-2 satellite

Rodriguez-Ramirez, R., Sánchez, M.G., Rivera-Caicedo, J.P., Fajardo-Delgado, D., Avila-George, H. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | 865 | 2019 : 216-224


Biochar improves soil quality and N2-fixation and reduces net ecosystem CO2 exchange in a dryland legume-cereal cropping system

Azeem, M., Hayat, R., Hussain, Q., Ahmed, M., Pan, G., Ibrahim Tahir, M., Imran, M., Irfan, M., Mehmood-ul-Hassan.

Soil and Tillage Research | 186 | Mar 2019: 172-182


Biochemical and physiological effects of copper compounds/nanoparticles on sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Tamez, C., Morelius, E.W., Hernandez-Viezcas, J.A., Peralta-Videa, J.R. and J. Gardea-Torresdey Science of the Total Environment | 649 | Feb 2019 : 554-562.


Biochemical effects of banding limit the benefits of nitrification inhibition and controlled-release technology in the fertosphere of high N-input systems

Janke, C.K., Fujinuma, R., Moody, P. and M.J. Bell

Soil Research | 57(1) | 2019 : 18-40


Biomass logistics and environmental impact modelling for sugar-ethanol production

Lozano-Moreno, J.A. and F. Maréchal

Journal of Cleaner Production | 210 | Feb 2019 : 317-324


Characterization of the chemical components and bioreactivity of fine particulate matter produced during crop-residue burning in China

Chuang, H.-C., Sun, J., Ni, H., Tian, J., Lui, K.H., Han, Y., Cao, J., Huang, R.-J., Shen, Z. and K.-F. Ho

Environmental Pollution | 245 | Feb 2019 : 226-234


Carbendazole lithospheric adsorption, Saccharum officinarum-based remediation and microbial degradation in heterogeneously composed soils

Ahmad, K.S.

Environmental Earth Sciences | 78(1) | Jan 2019 : 1-13


Changes in the Microbial Metabolism of Agricultural Tropical Soils Amended with Sugarcane Vinasses

Alves, P.R.L., Estrada-Bonilla, G.A., Bini, D., Cardoso, E.J.B.N.

Sugar Tech | 21(2) | Apr 2019 : 364-369


Characterization of biochar and their influence on microbial activities and potassium availability in an acid soil

Singh, A., Singh, A.P. and TJ. Purakayastha

Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science | Jan 2019 :  1-14


Characterization of food cultivation along roadside transects with Google Street View imagery and deep learning

Ringland, J., Bohm, M., Baek, S.-R.

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture | 158 | Mar 2019 : 36-50


Decomposition dynamics altered by straw removal management in the sugarcane-expansion regions in Brazil

Varanda, L.L., Cherubin, M.R. and C.E.P. Cerri

Soil Research | 57(1) | Nov 2018 : 41-52


Determination of nutrients in sugarcane juice using slurry sampling and detection by ICP OES

Souza, S.O., Costa, S.S.L., Brum, B.C.T., Santos, S.H., Garcia, C.A.B., and R.G.O. Araujo

Food Chemistry | 273 | Feb 2019 : 57-63


Digital soil mapping based site-specific nutrient management in a sugarcane field in Burdekin

Li, N., Zhao, X., Wang, J., Sefton, M. and J. Triantafilis

Geoderma | 340 | Apr 2019 : 38-48


Encapsulation of S-nitrosoglutathione into chitosan nanoparticles improves drought tolerance of sugarcane plants. Nitric Oxide

Silveira, N.M., Seabra, A.B., Marcos, F.C.C., Pelegrino, M.T., Machado, E.C., Ribeiro, R.V.

Nitric Oxide | 84 |Mar  2019 : 38-44


The effect of agriculture on the seasonal dynamics and functional diversity of benthic biofilm in tropical headwater streams

Taniwaki, R.H., Matthaei, C.D., Cardoso, T.K.M., Ferraz, S.F.B., Martinelli, L.A. and J.J. Piggott Biotropica | 51 (1) | 2019 : 18-27


Effect of previous soil management on sugarcane response to nitrogen fertilization

Otto, R., Mariano, E., Mulvaney, R.L., Khan, S.A., Boschiero, B.N., Tenelli, S., and P.C.O. Trivelin

Scientia Agricola | 76 (1) | Jan-Feb 2019 : 72-81


Effect of water stress on renewable energy from sugarcane biomass

Coelho, R.D., Lizcano, J.V., da Silva Barros, T.H., da Silva Barbosa, F., Leal, D.P.V., da Costa Santos, L., Ribeiro, N.L., Júnior, E.F.F. and D.L. Martin

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews | 103 | Apr 2019 : 399-407


Evapotranspiration and crop coefficient (Kc) of pre-sprouted sugarcane plantlets for greenhouse irrigation management

Libardi, L.G.P., de Faria, R.T., Dalri, A.B., de Souza Rolim, G., Palaretti, L.F., Coelho, A.P. and I.P.  Martins

Agricultural Water Management | 212 | 2019 : 306-316


Fertilization Alternatives for Sugarcane Crop in Pujiltic Sugarcane Mill, Chiapas, Mexico

Bautista, E.A.P., López, I.G., Salgado-Garcia, S., Rivera, S.I. and S.C. Sánchez

Sugar Tech | Article in Press | Jan 2019 : 1-9


Fertirrigation with Low-Pressure Multi-Gate Irrigation Systems in Sugarcane Agroecosystems: A Review

García-Saldaña, A., Landeros-Sánchez, C., del Refugio Castañeda-Chávez, M., Martínez-Dávila, J.P., Pérez-Vázquez, A. and E. Carrillo-Ávila

Pedosphere | 29 (1) | 2019 : 1-11


Hybrid treatment system for remediation of sugarcane vinasse

Marcato, A.C.D.C., Souza, C.P.D., Paiva, A.B.D., Eismann, C.E., Navarro, F.F., Camargo, A.F.M., Menegário, A.A. and C.S. Fontanetti

Science of the Total Environment | 659 | Apr 2019 : 115-121


The impact of crop residue biochars on silicon and nutrient cycles in croplands

Li, Z., Song, Z., Singh, B.P. and H. Wang

Science of the Total Environment | 659 | 2019 : 673-680


IoT Network Applied to Agriculture: Monitoring Stations for Irrigation Management in Soils Cultivated with Sugarcane

Hincapié Gómez, E., Sánchez Benítez, J. and J.A. Carbonell González

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | 893 | Jan 2019: 249-259


Impacts of tillage practices on ephemeral gully erosion in a dry-hot valley region in southwestern China

Rong, L., Duan, X., Zhang, G., Gu, Z. and D. Feng

Soil and Tillage Research | 187 | Apr 2019 : 72-84


Improvement of sugarcane crop simulation by SWAP-WOFOST model via data assimilation

Hu, S., Shi, L., Huang, K., Zha, Y., Hu, X., Ye, H. and Q. Yang

Field Crops Research | 232 | Feb 2019: 49-61


Kinetics of diuron under aerobic condition and residue analysis in sugarcane under subtropical field conditions

Tandon, S. and R.  Pant

Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) | 40 (1) | Jan 2019 : 86-93


Medium-term influence of conventional tillage on the physical quality of a Typic Fragiudult with hardsetting behavior cultivated with sugarcane under rainfed conditions

León, H.N., Almeida, B.G., Almeida, C.D.G.C., Freire, F.J., Souza, E.R., Oliveira, E.C.A. and E.P. Silva

Catena | 175 | Apr 2019 : 37-46


Modelling of sugarcane yield using LISS-IV data based on ground LAI and yield observations

Verma, A.K., Garg, P.K., Hari Prasad, K.S. and V.K. Dadhwal

Geocarto International | Article in Press | Jan 2019 : 1-18


The N-doped activated carbon derived from sugarcane bagasse for CO2 adsorption

Han, J., Zhang, L., Zhao, B., Qin, L., Wang, Y.and F. Xing

Industrial Crops and Products | 128 | Feb 2019 : 290-297


Near doubling of Brazil’s intensive row crop area since 2000

Zalles, V., Hansen, M.C., Potapov, P.V., Stehman, S.V., Tyukavina, A., Pickens, A., Song, X.-P., Adusei, B., Okpa, C., Aguilar, R., John, N. and S. Chavez

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

| 116 (2) | 2019 : 428-435


Nutritional balance and production of sugarcane irrigated with treated wastewater through subsurface drip

Gonçalves, I.Z., Barbosa, E.A.A., Santos, L.N.S., Nazario, A.A., Feitosa, D.R.C., Tuta, N.F. and E.E. Matsura

Irrigation Science | Article in Press | Jan 2019: 1-11


Organomineral phosphate fertilizer from sugarcane byproduct and its effects on soil phosphorus availability and sugarcane yield

Borges, B.M.M.N., Abdala, D.B., Souza, M.F.D., Viglio, L.M., Coelho, M.J.A., Pavinato, P.S. and H.C.J. Franco

Geoderma | 339 | Apr 2019 : 20-30.


Phenological Changes in the Chlorophyll Content and Its Fluorescence in Field-Grown Sugarcane Clones Under Over-Wintering Conditions

Sakaigaichi, T., Tsuchida, H., Adachi, K., Hattori, T., Tarumoto, Y., Tanaka, M., Hayano, M., Sakagami, J.-I. and S. Irei

Sugar Tech | Article in Press | Jan 2019: 1-4


Phycocyanin Production by Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli in Synthetic Medium Supplemented with Sugarcane Vinasse

Morais, D.V.  and R.G. Bastos

Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology | 187(1) | Jan 2019 : 129-139


Precision production environments for sugarcane fields

Sanches, G.M., de Paula, M.T.N., Magalhães, P.S.G., Duft, D.G., Vitti, A.C., Kolln, O.T., Borges, B.M.M.N. and H.C.J. Franco

Scientia Agricola | 76 (1) | Jan-Feb 2019: 10-17


Predicting weed invasion in a sugarcane cultivar using multispectral image

Righetto, A.J., Ramires, T.G., Nakamura, L.R., Castanho, P.L.D.B.  Faes and T.V. Savian

Journal of Applied Statistics | 46 (1) | Mar 2019 : 1-12


Prediction model of accumulated weight in truck during sugarcane harvesting

Saengprachatanarug, K., Wongphichet, S. and J. Tosoongneun

Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (Conference Paper) | 312 | 2019 : 449-456


Prediction of sugarcane yield by soil attributes under straw removal management

Satiro, L.S., Cherubin, M.R., Lisboa, I.P., de Souza Noia Junior, R., Cerri, C.C. and C.E.P. Cerri Agronomy Journal | 111(1) | 2019 : 14-23

Release of nutrients and organic carbon in different soil types from hydrochar obtained using sugarcane bagasse and vinasse

Bento, L.R., Castro, A.J.R., Moreira, A.B., Ferreira, O.P., Bisinoti, M.C. and C.A. Melo

Geoderma | 334 | Jan 2019 : 24-32


The role of decoupling factor on sugarcane crop water use under tropical conditions

Nassif, D.S.P., Da Costa, L.G., Vianna, M.D.S., Dos Santos Carvalho, K. and F.R.  Marin

Experimental Agriculture | Article in Press | Jan 2019 : 1-11


The Role of Design in Use in Agriculture: The Case of Brazilian Crops

Narimoto, L.R. and S.E.A.C. Belussi

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | 824 |Aug  2018: 1316-1327


Sequestration of Mn into the cell wall contributes to Mn tolerance in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)

Yang, S., Yi, K., Chang, M.M., Ling, G.Z., Zhao, Z.K. and X.F. Li

Plant and Soil | 436(1-2) | Mar 2019 : 475-487


Simultaneous determination and risk assessment of fipronil and its metabolites in sugarcane, using GC-ECD and confirmation by GC-MS/MS

Biswas, S., Mondal, R., Mukherjee, A., Sarkar, M. and R.K. Kole

Food Chemistry | 272 | Jan 2019 : 559-567


Site-specific assessment of spatial and temporal variability of sugarcane yield related to soil attributes

Sanches, G.M., Graziano Magalhães, P.S., Junqueira Franco, H.C.

Geoderma | 334 | Jan 2019 : 90-98.


Soil carbon dioxide emission associated with soil porosity after sugarcane field reform

de Souza, L.C., Fernandes, C., Moitinho, M.R., da Silva Bicalho, E. and La Scala, N., Jr.

Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change | 24(1) | January: 113-127


Soil compaction, root system and productivity of sugarcane under different row spacing and controlled traffic at harvest

Aguilera Esteban, D.A., de Souza, Z.M., Tormena, C.A., Lovera, L.H., de Souza Lima, E., de Oliveira, I.N., de Paula Ribeiro, N.

Soil and Tillage Research | 187 | Apr 2019 : 60-71


Stabilization of clay at sunnam cheruvu area in Nadergul, Hyderabad using organic waste

Rani, R.S., Kumar, P.P., Reddy, K.V.K. and S. Praveen

Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering | 14 | Sep 2018 : 203-209.


Strategies to mitigate the nitrous oxide emissions from nitrogen fertilizer applied with organic fertilizers in sugarcane

Lourenço, K.S., Rossetto, R., Vitti, A.C., Montezano, Z.F., Soares, J.R., Sousa, R.D.M., do Carmo, J.B., Kuramae, E.E. and H. Cantarella

Science of the Total Environment | 650(Part 1) | Feb 2019 : 1476-1486


Sugarcane and Wheat Productivity Under Different Cropping Systems

Singh, K., Mishra, S.K., Singh, V.

Sugar Tech | Article in Press | Jan 2019: 1-6


Sugarcane vinasse and microalgal biomass in the production of pectin particles as an alternative soil fertilizer

Bettani, S.R., de Oliveira Ragazzo, G., Leal Santos, N., Kieckbusch, T.G., Gaspar Bastos, R., Soares, M.R. and M. Altenhofen da Silva

Carbohydrate Polymers | 203 | Jan 2019 : 322-330


Tillage effects on soil physical condition and root growth associated with sugarcane water availability

Scarpare, F.V., de Jong van Lier, Q., de Camargo, L., Pires, R.C.M., Ruiz-Corrêa, S.T., Bezerra, A.H.F., Gava, G.J.C. and C.T.S. Dias

Soil and Tillage Research | 187 | Apr 2019 : 110-118


Utilization of a new approach for the potassium concentration of sugarcane vinasse by reverse osmosis: case study

Silva, G.A., Ferreira, S.L., de Souza, G.R., da Silva, J.A., and J.D. Pagliuso

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology | Article in Press | Jan 2019 : 1-6


Value of seasonal forecasting for sugarcane farm irrigation planning

An-Vo, D.-A., Mushtaq, S., Reardon-Smith, K., Kouadio, L., Attard, S., Cobon, D. and R. Stone

European Journal of Agronomy | 104 | Mar 2019 : 37-48


Vegetative Waste Management on Sugarcane Yield and Industrial Quality

Aquino, G.S., Medina, C.C., Cunha, A.C.B., Kussaba, D.A.O. and A. Moreira

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis | 50 (2) | 2019 : 132-140

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