| Boletín No.1, abril 2019
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Characterization of maize translational responses to sugarcane mosaic virus infection

Xu, T., Lei, L., Shi, J., Wang, X., Chen, J., Xue, M., Sun, S., Zhan, B., Xia, Z., Jiang, N., Zhou, T., Lai, J., and Fan, Z.

Virus Research | 259 | Jan 2019 : 97-107


Functional analysis of Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli membrane protein gene Lxx18460 (anti-sigma K) 06 Biological Sciences 0604 Genetics 06 Biological Sciences 0607 Plant Biology 06 Biological Sciences 0601 Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Zhu, K., Shao, M., Zhou, D., Xing, Y.-X., Yang, L.-T., Li and Y.-R.

BMC Microbiology | 19(2) | Jan 2019 : 1-12


Host resistance to two parasitoids (Diptera: Tachinidae) helps explain a regional outbreak of novel Diatraea spp. stem borers (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Colombia sugarcane

Aya, V.M., Montoya-Lerma, J., Echeverri-Rubiano, C., Michaud, J.P. and Vargas, G.

Biological Control | 129 | Feb 2019 : 18-23


Hubei poty-like virus 1 is likely an interspecies recombinant of sugarcane mosaic virus and putative bean yellow mosaic virus

Sankaranarayanan, R., Palani, S.N., Tennyson, J.

Archives of Virology | 164(1) | Jan 2019 : 261-265


Identification and characterization of Xanthomonas albilineans causing sugarcane leaf scald in China using multilocus sequence analysis

Ntambo, M.S., Meng, J.-Y., Rott, P.C., Royer, M., Lin, L.-H., Zhang, H.-L., and Gao, S.-J.

Plant Pathology | 68(2) | Feb 2019 : 269-277


Photosynthesis, yield and raw material quality of sugarcane injured by multiple pests

Rossato, J.A.S., Jr., Madaleno, L.L., Mutton, M.J.R., Higley, L.G., and Fernandes, O.A.

Peer-Reviewed-Plant Biology section | 1 | Jan 2019 : 196-205


PulAm: An app for monitoring crops

Perez-Mena, A., Fernández-Zepeda, J.A., Rivera-Caicedo, J.P. and Avila-George, H.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | 865 | Sep 2018 : 196-205


Red-rot infection in sugarcane attenuates the attractiveness of sugarcane borer-induced plant volatiles to parasitoid

Peñaflor, M.F.G.V. and Bento, J.M.S.

Arthropod-Plant Interactions | 13(1) | Feb 2019 : 117-125


Registration of R.LBK1 and R.LBK2 sorghum germplasm with resistance to the sugarcane aphid[Melanaphis sacchari (Zehntner)]

Hayes, C.M., Armstrong, J.S., Limaje, A., Emendack, Y.E., Bean, S., Wilson, J. and Xin, Z.

Journal of Plant Registrations | 13(1) | Jan 2019 : 91-95


Sensitivity of two sugarcane rust fungi to fungicides in urediniospore germination and detached leaf bioassays

Chaulagain, B., Dufault, N., Raid, R.N. and Rott, P.

Crop Protection | 117 | Mar 2019 : 86-93


The effects of sugarcane aphid density in sorghum on predation by lady beetles and lacewings

Hewlett, J.A., Szczepaniec, A. and Eubanks, M.D.

Biological Control | 129) | Feb 2019 : 171-177

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