InCane: Boletín No.8


Avoiding burning practice and its consequences on the greenhouse gas emission in sugarcane areas southern Brazil

Perillo, L.I., et al

Environmental science and pollution research |August 2021

Estimativa da evapotranspiracao de referencia por diferentes métodos para o setor sucroenergetico da Colombia

Mendoza C., C.J. & Peña Q., A.J.

Revista brasileira de engenharia agrícola e ambiental |25(9)| September 2021. p. 583-590

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A review on recycling techniques for bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass

Chen, J.X., et al

Renewable & sustainable energy reviews |149| October 2021

Biomethanol: possibilities towards a bio-based economy

Parkhey, P.

Biomass conversion and biorefinery |September 2021

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A mathematical, economic and energetic appraisal of biomethane and biohydrogen production from Brazilian ethanol plants' waste: Towards a circular and renewable energy development

Nadaleti, W.C. & Lourtenco, V.A.

International journal of hydrogen energy |46(54)| August 2021

Energy Cane x Sugarcane Microregion Interaction in the State of Pernambuco: Sugarcane for Production of Bioenergy and Renewable Fuels

Dutra, J.D., et al

Agronomy – Basel |11(6)| June 2021

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Chemical pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse with liquid fraction recycling

Vaz, F.L., et al

Renewable energy |174| August 2021

Clarification of Sugarcane Juice by Ozonation and Anodic Electrooxidation: Effects of Process Variables and Energy Consumption

Goncalves Ricci, A.C. & Silva Costa Texeira, A.C.

Sugar tech |23(5)| October 2021

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A new dicistro-like virus from soldier fly, Inopus flavus (Diptera: Stratiomyidae), a pest of sugarcane

Asselin, A.K., et al

Archives of virology |August 2021

Assessing spatio-temporal patterns of sugarcane aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) infestations on silage sorghum yield using unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Zhag, J., et al

Crop protection |146| August 2021

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Calcium looping post-combustion CO2 capture in sugarcane bagasse fuelled power plants

Neto, S., Szklo, A. & Rochedo, P.R.R.

International journal of greenhouse gas control |110|September 2021

Energy-carbon-water footprint of sugarcane bioenergy: A district-level life cycle assessment in the state of Maharashtra, India

Hiloidhari, M., et al.

Renewable and sustainable energy reviews |151| November 2021

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Development of a Scoring System for Sugarcane Mosaic Disease and Genotyping of Sugarcane Germplasm for Mosaic Viruses

Bagyalakshmi, K. & Viswanathan, R.

Sugar tech 23(5)| Sep – Oct 2021

Genome-wide analysis of R2R3-MYB transcription factors family in the autopolyploid Saccharum spontaneum: an exploration of dominance expression and stress response

Yuan, Y., et al

BMC Genomics |22(1)| August 2021

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A review of the mechanism of bonding in densified biomass pellets

Anukam, A., et al.

Renewable & sustainable energy reviews |148| September 2021

Acetone, Butanol, Ethanol and, Xylitol Production Through a Biorefinery Platform: An Experimental & Simulation Approach

Morales Rodriguez, R., et al

Waste and biomass valorization |12(9)| September 2021

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