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A dynamic degradome landscape on miRNAs and their predicted targets in sugarcane caused by Sporisorium scitamineum stress

Su, Y., Xiao, X., Ling, H., Huang, N., Liu, F., Su, W., Zhang, Y., Xu, L., Muhammad, K., Que, YBMC Genomics | 20(1) | Jan 2019 : 1-21


A miniature inverted-repeat transposable element, AddIn-MITE, located inside a WD40 gene is conserved in Andropogoneae grasses

Grativol, C., Thiebaut, F., Sangi, S., Montessoro, P., da Silva Santos, W., Hemerly, A.S. and Ferreira, P.C.G

Peer-Reviewed-Plant Biology section | 1 | Jan 2019 : 12-23


Biomass production and nutrient removal of energy cane genotypes in Northeastern Brazil

Boschiero, B.N., de Castro, S.G.Q., da Rocha, A.E.Q., Franco, H.C.J., Carvalho, J.L.N., Soriano, H.L., Dos Santos, J.A., Bressiani, J.A, Kölln, O.T.

Crop Science | 59(1) | Jan 2019 : 379-391


Comparative genomics revealed the gene evolution and functional divergence of magnesium transporter families in Saccharum

Wang, Y., Hua, X., Xu, J., Chen, Z., Fan, T., Zeng, Z., Wang, H., Hour, A.-L., Yu, Q., Ming, R., and Zhang, J.

BMC genomics | 20(1) |Jan 2019 : 1-18


Comparing family with individual genotype breeding parameters for cane yield in sugarcane population

Mbuma, N.W., Zhou, M.M., van der Merwe, R.

South African Journal of Plant and Soil | 36(1) | Jan 2019 : 11-19


Contribution of sugarcane crop wild relatives in the creation of improved varieties in Mauritius

Santchurn, D., Badaloo, M.G.H., Zhou, M. and Labuschagne, M.T.

Plant Genetic Resources: Characterisation and Utilisation | 17(2) | Apr 2019 : 151-163


Detection and validation of EST-SSR markers associated with sugar-related traits in sugarcane using linkage and association mapping

Ukoskit, K., Posudsavang, G., Pongsiripat, N., Chatwachirawong, P., Klomsa-ard, P., Poomipant, P. and Tragoonrung, S.

Genomics | 111(1) | Jan 2019 : 1-9


Development of allergenicity and toxicity assessment methods for evaluating transgenic sugarcane overexpressing sucrose–phosphate synthase

Neliana, I.R., Sawitri, W.D., Ermawati, N., Handoyo, T. and Sugiharto, B.

Agronomy | 9(1) | Jan 2019 : 1-13


Development of potential dbEST-derived microsatellite markers for genetic evaluation of sugarcane and related cereal grasses

Singh, R.B., Singh, B. and Singh, R.K.

Industrial Crops and Products | 128 | Feb 2019 : 38-47


Expression analysis of genes associated with sucrose accumulation and its effect on source–sink relationship in high sucrose accumulating early maturing sugarcane variety

Verma, I., Roopendra, K., Sharma, A., Chandra, A., Kamal, A.

Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants | 25(1) | Jan 2019 : 207-220


Evaluating parents for cane yield in sugarcane breeding using best linear unbiased prediction analysis of progeny data derived from family plots

Mbuma, N.W., Zhou, M. and van der Merwe, R.

South African Journal of Plant and Soil | 36(1) | Jan 2019 : 21-28


Gene Expression Profiling in Sugarcane Genotypes During Drought Stress and Rehydration

Devi, K., Prathima, P.T., Gomathi, R., Manimekalai, R., Lakshmi, K. and Selvi, A.

Sugar Tech | Jan 2019 : 1-17


Genetic Diversity and Phylogenetic Relationship of Saccharum spontaneum L. with Different Ploidy Levels Based on SRAP Markers

Yu, X.-H., Wang, X.-H.and Q.H. Yang

Sugar Tech | Article in Press | Jan 2019: 1-13


Identifying loci controlling fiber composition in polyploid sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) through genome-wide association study

Yang, X., Todd, J., Arundale, R., Binder, J.B., Luo, Z., Islam, M.S., Sood, S., and J. Wang

Industrial Crops and Products | 130 | Apr 2019: 598-605


Recent polyploidization events in three Saccharum founding species

Zhang, J., Zhang, Q., Li, L., Tang, H., Zhang, Q., Chen, Y., Arrow, J., Zhang, X., Wang, A., Miao, C., and R. Ming

Plant Biotechnology Journal | 17(1) | Jan 2019: 264-274


Registration of ‘CP 10-1208’ sugarcane

Zhao, D., Comstock, J.C., Davidson, R.W., Gordon, V.S., McCord, P.H., Sandhu, H.S., Sood, S., Singh, M.P., Abbott, T., Islam, M., Baltazar, M. and K., McCorkle

Journal of Plant Registrations | 13(1) | Nov 2018 : 42-49


Rooting and growth of pre-germinated sugarcane seedlings inoculated with diazotrophic bacteria

dos Santos, S.G., Chaves, V.A., da Silva Ribeiro, F., Alves, G.C., Reis, V.M.

Applied Soil Ecology | 133 | Jan 2019 : 12-23


Scope of in vitro culture targeting genetic transformation in sugarcane

Tripathy, S.K.

Research Journal of Biotechnology | 14(1) | Jan 2019 : 95-100


Sugarcane yield grade prediction using random forest with forward feature selection and hyper-parameter tuning

Charoen-Ung, P., Mittrapiyanuruk, P.

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | 769 | Jun 2018 : 1-6


Target enrichment sequencing of 307 germplasm accessions identified ancestry of ancient and modern hybrids and signatures of adaptation and selection in sugarcane (Saccharum spp.), a ‘sweet’ crop with ‘bitter’ genomes

Yang, X., Song, J., Todd, J., Peng, Z., Paudel, D., Luo, Z., Ma, X., You, Q., Hanson, E., Zhao, Z., Zhao, Y., Zhang, J., Ming, R. and J. Wang

Plant Biotechnology Journal | 17(2) |Feb 2019 : 488-498


Technology advances in sugarcane propagation: A patent citation study Hasner, C., Lima, A.A.D., Winter, E.

World Patent Information, 56, pp. 9-16.


Whole chloroplast genome and gene locus phylogenies reveal the taxonomic placement and relationship of Tripidium (Panicoideae: Andropogoneae) to sugarcane

Lloyd Evans, D., Joshi, S.V., Wang, J.

BMC Evolutionary Biology  | 19(art.33) | Jan 2019 : 1-20

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