| Boletín No.1, abril 2019
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Applying Soil Management Assessment Framework (SMAF) on short-term sugarcane straw removal in Brazil

Lisboa, I.P., Cherubin, M.R., Satiro, L.S., Siqueira-Neto, M., Lima, R.P., Gmach, M.R., Wienhold, B.J., Schmer, M.R., Jin, V.L., Cerri, C.C. and C.E.P. Cerri

Industrial Crops and Products | 129 | March 2019 : 175-184


Can alternative N-fertilization methods influence GHG emissions and biomass production in sugarcane fields?

Borges, C.D., Carvalho, J.L.N., Kölln, O.T., Sanches, G.M., Silva, M.J., Castro, S.G.Q., Castro, S.A.Q., Sousa, L.L., Oliveira, J.V.C., Cantarella, H., Vargas, V.P., Tsai, S.M. and H.C.J. Franco

Biomass and Bioenergy | 120 | Jan 2019 : 21-27


Complementarity among dragonflies across a pondscape in a rural landscape mosaic

Briggs, A.J., Pryke, J.S., Samways, M.J. and D.E. Conlong

Insect Conservation and Diversity | Article in Press | Jan 2019 : 1-10


Developing an index to assess human toxicity potential of sugarcane industry

Rebelato, M.G., Rodrigues, A.M., Thomaz, A.G.D.B., Saran, L.M., Madaleno, L.L. and O.J.D. Oliveira, Journal of Cleaner Production | 209 | Feb 2019 : 1274-1284

Effects of recirculation in anaerobic baffled reactors

Vuitik, G.A., Fuess, L.T., Del Nery, V., Bañares-Alcántara, R. and E.C. Pires

Journal of Water Process Engineering | 28 | Apr 2019 : 36-44


Green Technologies for Improving Cane Sugar Productivity and Sustaining Soil Fertility in Sugarcane-Based Cropping System

Shukla, S.K., Solomon, S., Sharma, L., Jaiswal, V.P., Pathak, A.D. and P. Singh

Sugar Tech | 21(2) | Apr 2019 : 186-196


Is the expansion of sugarcane over pasturelands a sustainable strategy for Brazil's bioenergy industry?

Oliveira, D.M.S., Cherubin, M.R., Franco, A.L.C., Santos, A.S., Gelain, J.G., Dias, N.M.S., Diniz, T.R., Almeida, A.N., Feigl, B.J., Davies, C.A., Paustian, K., Karlen, D.L., Smith, P., Cerri, C.C. and  C.E.P. Cerri

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews | 102 | Mar 2019 : 346-355


Landscape-Based Habitat Engineering for Sugarcane Ecosystem: A Green Technological Option for Pest Management

Roy, S., Jaiswal, A.K., Sushil, S.N., Baitha, A. and M.M. Roy

Sugar Tech |21(2) | Apr 2019 : 213-226


The potential application of an autochthonous fungus from the northwest of Argentina for treatment of sugarcane vinasse

Del Gobbo, L.M., Villegas, L.B. and V.L. Colin

Journal of Hazardous Materials | 365 | Nov 2018 : 820-826.


Removal and recovery of lead from wastewater using an integrated system of adsorption and crystallization

Hoang, M.T., Pham, T.D., Nguyen, V.T., Nguyen, M.K., Pham, T.T. and B. Van der Bruggen

Journal of Cleaner Production | 213 | Mar 2019 : 1204-1216

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