InCane: Boletín No.13


A Soil Physical Assessment Over Three Successive Burned and Unburned Sugarcane Annual Harvests

Ortiz, P.F.S., et al

Sugar Tech |25| 2023

Combined Chemical Fertilizers with Molasses Increase Soil Stable Organic Phosphorus Mineralization in Sugarcane Seedling Stage

Wu, Q., et al.

Sugar Tech |25| 2023

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A comprehensive review of characterization, pretreatment and its applications on different lignocellulosic biomass for bioethanol production

Das, N., et al.

Biomass conversión and biorefinery|13| 2023

Production Chain of First-Generation Sugarcane Bioethanol: Characterization and Value-Added Application of Wastes

Araujo de Almeida, M. & Colombo, R

Bioenergy research |16| 2023

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Barriers to the Expansion of Sugarcane Bioelectricity in Brazilian Energy Transition

Soares, M.Y.; Ramos, D.S.; de Oliveira Pavan, M.& Diuana, F.A.

Energies |16 (955)| 2023

Biomass to Energy — an Analysis of Current Technologies, Prospects, and Challenges

Banerjee, N.

Bioenergy research |2022

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Activated Carbon from Sugarcane Bagasse Pyrolysis for Heavy Metals Adsorption

Kakom, S.M., Addelmonen, N.M., Ismail, I.M. & Refaat, A.A.

Sugar Tech |25| 2003

Induction heating of sugarcane juice: thermo-enviro-economic analyses

Grewal, R & Kumar, M.

Journal of termal análisis and calorimetry| june 2023

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Damage Distribution and Yield Losses Caused by the Stem Borer Diatraea saccharalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Northwestern Argentina

Pérez, M.L.del P, et al

Sugar Tech |25| 2023

Effects of orange rust on sugarcane yield traits in a multi-environment breeding program

Dijoux, J., et al.

Euphytica |219(49)| 2023

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Green technology approach for heavy metal adsorption by agricultural and food industry solid wastes as bio-adsorbents: a review

Mathew, S., et al

Journal of food science and technology |60| 2023

Modeling and environmental implications of methanol production from biogenic CO2 in the sugarcane industry

Cuezzo, A.M., et al.

Journal of CO2 utilizacion|67| 2023

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CRISPR/Cas-Mediated Genome Editing Approach for Improving Virus Resistance in Sugarcane

Krishna, S.S., et al

Sugar tech| 2023

Identification of Location-Specific Male and Female Sugarcane Parents and Formulation of Breeding Strategies

Sudhagar., et al

Sugar Tech |25| 2023

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From sugarcane to skin: Lignin as a multifunctional ingredient for cosmetic application

Antunes, F. et al

International journal of biological macromolecules|234|2023

Xylitol and ethanol co-production from sugarcane bagasse and straw hemicellulosic hydrolysate supplemented with molasses

De Souza Queiroz, S., et al

Biomass conversión and biorefinery |13| 2023

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